National Award: Recognising outstanding abilities and dedication within the Martial Arts in the United Kingdom
The first winner of the NAKMAS Star Award - Leo Manifiold EHMAA
Leo Manifold has grown to become a great Kickboxer
Leo Manifold, a 12-year-old from Rugeley, Staffordshire, has received the first of the awards for his outstanding competitive talents in kickboxing tournaments over a period of years.

Leo has been training with Emil Herzberg at the Pye Green Community Centre in Hednesford from a very young age, and he hopes his next success will be achieving his black belt early in 2019. He is a student at the Heartlands School in Rugeley and his martial arts training has given him confidence and focus for all areas of his life including his studying.

Here's a list of Leo's successes:

2nd Lordswood. -5f2 12-15
1st teams 12 and under

2nd -45 kgs points 12-14
1st -40 kgs points 12-14
1st -40 kgs lc 12-14

2nd -40 kgs points
3rd -45 kgs points

3rd -42 kgs

1st -40 kgs lc
2nd -40 kgs points
1st -45 kgs lc
2nd -45 kgs points
In a personal letter the NAKMAS National Chair, Joe Ellis wrote:
"I would like to congratulate you on being named the very first recipient of the NAKMAS Star Award.

The NAKMAS Star Award recognises outstanding abilities and dedication within the martial arts, and your instructor Emil and NAKMAS are very proud of you, for what you have achieved within the martial arts.

Through your regular training since the age of 3, you have developed and become a very talented and successful tournament competitor, not only within the United Kingdom, but overseas as well, and you must be very proud of yourself. Your successes have proven that with regular, constant and dedicated training, Kickboxing and the martial arts can be highly beneficial and rewarding; your achievements have proven how rewarding martial arts training can be through regular commitment.

Up and down the country, thousands of NAKMAS members train at recognised and accredited classes to develop skills that will see them become disciplined and well-developed individuals which will carry them right through their lives. The NAKMAS Star Award is a small thank you, on behalf of NAKMAS, in recognition of your outstanding abilities and dedication".
Emil Hertberg, EHMAA Chief Instructor says
"I'm so pleased for Leo receiving this new award; it's a big accolade for both Leo, and for the academy. We strive to achieve high standards for our sixty members of all ages, and Leo is one of our longest serving. He is a great role model to our other members as he is a fine and genuine martial artist".

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